The Hunger Games: A Book Review
Thursday, February 9, 2012 | 0 comments
       Before I start my book review on the much-awaited, book-based movie this coming March 23, may I introduce myself first? Bonjour! I am Marry, and as was said on our about us section, I am going to post book and movie reviews, and other things that are related to books. I have been a reader for as long as I can remember, and I believe my bond with the books I own is more than simple reading, and thinking; it is a relationship.

       Who still hasn't read this famous work of Suzanne Collins? Who doesn't know about Peeta's love for Katniss? For Gale's trouble-stricken heart when beautiful Katniss stepped onto the stage as a volunteer for the 74th Hunger Games? Who doesn't want to thank Cinna for making Katniss, and Peeta become raging fires from just mere charcoal? I bet everyone already took time to read it, and I sure bet we all know about everything that happened inside the covers of that very book.

       The first time I read The Hunger Games was when I was in fourth year high school. I probably heard about it on Tumblr, and since people had been going nuts about the series, I downloaded the e-book (I still couldn't afford to buy the book that time!). And just like you, reader, I got hooked since the first chapter. SPOILER ALERT! I was saddened that Katniss had no choice but to volunteer as tribute to save her sister from the hands of the capitol, and their life-or-death game. I was thrilled to know of Peeta's childhood crush towards Katniss, and to find them falling in love, thus, becoming the Game's star-crossed lovers. However, I was stricken to find out that they had to kill each other for one to become the victor, and was more than relieved upon reading on the next chapters that there will be two victors for the 74th Hunger Games. To sum it all, I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it.

       The Hunger Games is clearly a dystopian novel. It sets its readers in the nation of Panem, where the Capitol that governs the twelve surrounding districts launches The Hunger Games annually, making one boy, and one girl from each district to participate by having a draw lots. Katniss, volunteering instead of her sister Primrose, finds herself with a death sentence placed above her head. However, Katniss has been a tough girl, having been the only member of the family that provides for them since her father died. Surviving is not new to her, but regardless of her skills in survival, she has yet to prove that she can win the Game--to come back alive, to be home for Primrose, her mother, and Gale. But a dilemma is presented to her when she finds herself falling in love with his co-tribute. How will she make her decisions?

       Over all, I am happy to have read this book. I'm sure you are, too, reader. Nothing beats a girl in rebellion, doesn't it? It is also a move towards feminism since Katniss--just an ordinary, and poor girl--strikes a match that drives her district, and soon, others, in fiery rebellion towards the belligerent Capitol.

       Carpe diem! How? By reading books!

Love lots,

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