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Name Amanda Lee Velasco
Nickname Mandy
Age 23
Height 5'3
Shoe Size 6.5-7
School Attended Ateneo de Davao University
Year level & course AB-PSYCHOLOGY IIl
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Celebrity Crush Shia LaBeouf
Hobbies sketching, taking videos

Do you have any regrets? Can you cite one? I wish I had finished Psychology first before venturing fashion because right now I'm juggling both.
Who has been the biggest influence on your life, and why? The most common person, my mom. She has also a background in sketching in designing. My mother didn't pursue it so I fill it in for her.
What are the best places you’ve been to? I haven't really explored.
What's your fantasy career? fashion designer/therapist
If you die, how would you like to be remembered? Too Morbid. (giggles)
Do you still have insecurities? Everybody has. In my case, my weight. Yes, I WANT TO GAIN WEIGHT. (laughs)
Where do you see yourself five/ten years from now? Still pursuing fashion or maybe outside, say, HK. I wanna go there.

What kind of student are you? Loner. I'm always alone. Everybody thinks I'm weird.
Do you party even on school nights, and how do you deal with the day ahead of you? As long as there are no quizzes the following day. But I still manage to wake up early even I party. If have an early class I really have to wake up early. "Kelangan eh" she added.
Do you think your course was difficult? What made it so? I think its the analogy. Most people generalized it as the study of brains and human behaviors but there's more to it.


Single or not? Not.
How did you meet? How long have you been? We were batch mates since grade school. We both came from Ateneo. Then, we met again last year.  We talked and talked and hung out. So I guess that's how it started. I guess, it's really different if it's foundation is friendship. Something that has bond. And it's like almost a year already.
Is it difficult to have a boyfriend? No. No.

What does your tattoo means? Oh, it's a Hebrew word s "Emunah" . It's somewhat ugly because I scratch at night. sometimes, unaware.
Do you have any other tattoo? Yes. It's on my nape. 
Who is your fashion icon? Actually, there are two but I started with Twiggy because I used to have a very short hair. As in, like, boy cut. I forgot the other one.  
How often do you dye your hair? I started with red then pink then rose red then pink again. I thought  wanted it white so maybe you saw me walking blonde. But it didn't work. So then, I wanted something rainbow but dark. I wanna try something new. So I used magenta, black, purple, lavender. Oh and yes, I dye my own hair.
How do you handle your hair? CONFIDENCE. Everybody stares at me. But eventually, you'll get used to it. Sometimes I don't mind them or I just laugh on their ignorance and amazement. Someone once approached me and asked me if it's really a "real" hair. I can't help but laugh. 
Is it okay for your mom? Yes. That's the funny part because she keeps on sending me more colors.
What made you decide to dye your hair? Ever since I really wanted to color it. I think it started it the Paramore thingy. that's what most people thought which is no doubt. But it's also because of Gwen Stefani. But later it seemed like usual (UGH)  since many are dyeing their hairs already like Rihanna.

With the gang: (L-R) Roselle,  Pat, MANDY, Michaela, Stephanie

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