Cupcakes that will make you salivate.
Monday, February 13, 2012 | 2 comments

Hi everyone, I will share to you this weeks' MOUTH WATERING TREATS. Since its valentines day, I will also show you some ways on how some countries celebrates Valentines Day. Enjoy!

My friend Vim told me to buy that special cupcake that his friend (Luna Acosta) was selling. I thought it would be a great idea since I have extra budget for it. So, we ordered immediately on that day. The following day, she texted us that she was in the Gazebo with our order. We hurriedly went there after our class. Upon receiving our order we opened it and found a cute rainbow cupcake which looks mouthwatering. We tasted it and I was taken aback. It was so delicious that I craved for even more of these. The inner part also had a rainbow design in it. There's no pang of guilt buying those cupcakes.




She's also selling this one. Looks good! Will buy that someday!

)You can contact her here, to order these  yummy treats :

By the way, this is how the Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day. :)


According to Hammond, the Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day in a unique way. Women are usually the ones who give chocolates to men, some friends and co-workers. These gifts of chocolates are divided into three types :

1. Giri Choco - is a box of chocolate that should be given by women to their superiors, co- workers and to                          
                        those people who has done her favor. Some say that they are usually cheap and can be 
                        bought in department stores. But I guess you should give an expensive gift if it's for your  

Here is an example of a Giri Choco

2. Honmei Choco - is a box of chocolate intended for the man you love. If you receive such chocolate, 
                              then that means that you are at the top of her heart. This can be homemade but if 
                              you will buy these on stores, they are really expensive.

                                                             For your lover, Honmei Choco

3. Tomo Choco - box of chocolate that is given to your female friends. Can be bought homemade 
                            or not. Usually, Japanese women buy the cheaper yet still enjoyable ones.

Accordint to the Source Living Tokyo:

"Another unique point about the Japanese Valentine’s day is that there is a ‘reply day’.  There is an event called White day on March 14th, when the men who received gifts on Valentine’s day are expected to give something back.  This ‘reply’ is expected to be more valuable (sometimes 2 or 3 times!) than the gift by women.  Reply to Giri-choko is usually expensive sweets, and that to Honmei-choko is often clothings or accessories.  If you are gifted on Valentine’s day, prepare for the month later!"

Yours truly,
Yum-Yum Geneva

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