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Dressing up especially every wash day is a time for me to exercise my imagination. My style focuses on the classic and girly side. I really like to keep my look clean and fresh yet fashionable. The shades of black, white, neutral and feminine attract me. Another statement that’s always present on my look are accessories; they make me feel complete, especially rings. Stacks of bangles and 2-3 rings would be my kind and if I’m not wearing any piece, I feel so naked. In fact, my room is filled with these. Structured blazers dominate my closet, not only because I love them but also they help cover my toned arms (haha). Even though this is what I love to wear and this distinguishes my style, I still explore on the different sides of fashion especially when I’m in the mood of recreating a new Pat for the day. And yes THE PASSION FOR FASHION BUG BIT ME.

Fashion, as defined in the dictionary, is a popular trend or behaviour. It has something to do with clothes, shoes and accessories you wear. But for me, fashion is a daily exercise, a healthy expression of feelings and ideas, a stress reliever, or in short, it is HAPPINESS.

Entering the fashion world is hard when you set in the norms of the society.  For example, people here in Davao are used to wearing simple clothes such as jeans, shirt and sneakers. If you settle down with these standards, setting your individual style will be a big challenge for you. Loving fashion is just like loving a person, if you hesitate to tell your feelings to him/her, then, there wouldn’t be any future fairy tale.

Whatever your style is, let it grow because sooner or later you’ll regret not minding your love for it. And another thing you should know, it’s not about “what should I wear?” but it should be “THIS IS WHAT I WEAR AND I CAN PULL IT OFF”. Fashion for me shouldn’t be taken seriously; it should be enjoyed and loved. It’s all about you having courage to do what you want to do.  And in fashion, CONFIDENCE is the key word.   Let the confidence dominate you and I assure you a happy every after life with your relationship not only with fashion but also with yourself.


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