Fashion 101
Tuesday, February 7, 2012 | 2 comments

To some, fashion is an artform. To others it is a religion. But for me, fashion is an extension of my personality. I don't dress to impress everybody but I dress to please my self. I want to express myself or to disguise the reality in me, because everything I put on sends a message.

Everyday is a fashion show. We do our best to look good and feel good about ourselves. Clothes, accessories, make-up and other health products are something that we use to enhance our beauty and personality. The way we choose our clothes and the way we wear them reflects ourselves.

Many believe that fashion originates in imitating film stars or fashion icons. I beg to disagree. We don't need to be a celebrity just to become a trend setter. We can still establish new things on our own even in a simplest way. I know that creating a new trend is not easy. Some people would think it's weird and unearthly. But who cares? Even Coco Chanel and Ralph Lauren did crazy things just to set different fashion style. They just use their imagination and think out of the box.


This is my personal belief that fashion is not just about following trends or imitating fashion icon but it's more than that. It's about wearing something that makes us confident and comfortable.


Even if you say you don't care about fashion and you dont make fashion statements, well, actually, you're making a statement that you don't care about fashion. Fashion plays an important role in building our personality. So the next time you choose your clothes, wear something that suits your taste even if you look different, but at least you're unique and special.


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