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-Name: Victor King F. Sy
-Nickname: Kiko, king, Vic
-Age: 22
-Height: 5'8
-Shoe Size: 8
-School Attended: FEU
-Year level & course: 3rd year, Psych
-Zodiac Sign: Leo
-Celebrity Crush: Local- Anne Curtis International- Anne Hathaway
-Talent: I can sing and dance( who can't? Not good though) 
-Hobbies: movies, gym, hanging out with friends
-Three adjectives to describe yourself: funny,difficult, kind

-Do you have any regrets? Can you cite one?: seriously? none.. my life isn't perfect but still the things I did, whether good or bad is my own doing. I own up to what I do. If I did good, well pat on the back for me. If I did bad? better luck next time. 
-Who has been the biggest influence on your life, and why?: My mom.. she was there for matter what the circumstances were. I'd like to be like that.. to really give w/o asking anything in return..
-What are the best places you’ve been to?: HongKong.. Just fell in love with all the madness..I'm a concrete jungle kind a guy.
-What's your fantasy career?: To be a model I think.. Frustration ko ata. LOL
-If you die, how would you like to be remembered?: on my epitaph? hmmmm.. Here lies Victor. A friend. A brother. A lover.
-Do you still have insecurities?: Of course..Who doesn't?
-Where do you see yourself five/ten years from now?: I'd be in another country, working my ass off.. in the industry.
-What kind of student are you?: I'm that guy who works hard during the last term. haha
-Do you party even on school nights, and how do you deal with the day ahead of you?: sometimes.. esp if my sched the day after isn't that heavy..
-Do you think your course is difficult? What makes it so?: yuh.. the terms and all the disabilities.

-Singe or not?

-How did the two of you meet, and how long have you been in the relationship?: uhm, facebook.. for quite some time now.
-Is it difficult to have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Share us a story.: no.. especially if you really love the person..
-Do you think he/she is the one?: now? yes..

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