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Name Renato Freitas
Nickname Renato
Age 24
Height 184cm
Shoe Size 10
School Attended a university from Goias (Center of Brazil)
Year level & course started Business Management but gave it up to work as a model
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Celebrity Crush  none
Work model and actor
Hobbies hang out with friends, family; go to nice restaurants and cool places.
Three adjectives to describe yourself  fun guy, reliable, sometimes crazy but also responsible

Do you have any regrets? Can you cite one? Absolutely not! I just have to say thanks for everything that happen in my life.
Who has been the biggest influence on your life, and why? My father! He is my hero; [he's a] great person that I'll try to be someday.
What are the best places you’ve been to? Puerto Galera's beach in the Philippines
What's your fantasy career? To be an exclusive model for some global brand
If you die, how would you like to be remembered? As I am! This is it.
Do you still have insecurities? None. I just go step by step...without much pressure, worries, and good things happen naturally and even better.
Where do you see yourself five/ten years from now? I have no idea (laughs). Who knows...good things in my mind.

What kind of student were you? Focused
Do you party even on school nights, and how do you deal with the day ahead of you? Actually I don't like parties so much. Just one time per week is enough for me. All night it's the same...same kind of people, this is boring for me.
Do you think your course was difficult? What made it so? No, when I was studing I had no big difficulty.

Single or not? Single
Have you been in a relationship before? What happened? 3 long relationships in my life until now. The last on-- we broke up because of my career and also she is too jealous. Traveling always is impossible to keep a serious relationship; I really like her but we both [have] to continue our lives.
What are your preferences in the opposite sex? The face
What turns you on? Attitude

What are the biggest projects in both modeling and acting that you ever had? Coca Cola print in the Philippines and [a] video for LG and Samsung in Korea
Have you received any indecent proposal? None
Do you get conscious when you wear revealing clothes? I am a professional; I just do my job.
How'd you start modeling? An agency from my city saw some personal pics of me on the Internet and then they called me for a test interview there.
Places you've been to because of modeling: South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Guangzhou-China, Shanghai-China and Taipei until now.
Brands/designer you've worked with: Samsung, LG, Incheon International Airport Korea, Kappa sports, Kelme sports, Lotto sports, Dior, D&G, Tyler, Dell notebooks, Squire magazine, Portland, Regatta, Salvatore Mann Shoes, Coca Cola, Penshoppe, KFC, Sizzler Restaurant, Diesel, Lee Jeans, Septwolves, Avon, Jag underwear, Bacardi, Robinsons, Milk&Co., etc.
Found love in modeling? No

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