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Callum David
DJ name is: Vinimal (I was actually a DJ before I was a model)



Shoe Size

School Attended
Year level & course
Bachelor of Commerce - undergraduate

Zodiac Sign

Celebrity Crush

 Exercise, travelling, eating (not cooking!) 

Three adjectives to describe
ambitious, inquisitive, clumsy

Do you have any regrets? Can you cite one?
Not really, I do what I do based on my current knowledge and experience. Sure there are things I can look back on now and say, 'Dam that was stupid', but in the big scheme of things, I don't blame myself for those things. How can you expect someone to know better, when they don't know better to begin with? you learn from these things and move on, you cant change the past, only the future. 

Who has been the biggest influence on your life, and why?
 I don't think there is any one person, I combine the best influences of many to create a set of habits/rules to live by. 

What are the best places you've been to?
 In the Philippines the Underground River in Palawan was amazing to see, I visited to film a movie (Madaling Araw Mahabang Gabi) which made the experience a bit different to the typical tourist experience. I wasn't expecting it to be so big inside! Definately a site I would recommend to my friends.

What's your fantasy career?
Well its a bit late now but I love the idea of being a great explorer way back before modern globalization. I love the feeling of travelling to new lands, not knowing what to expect, doing and seeing things that no one else does. 
If you die, how would you like to be remembered?
It may sound humble but I think the ultimate success in life is raising a family that is proud and thankful of their roots. I would like to be remembered as a good father.
Do you still have insecurities?
For sure everyone has insecurities. For me I tend to avoid things that I know will create them. 

Where do you see yourself five/ten years now?
Wondering where I will be in another five/ten years [Laughs] 

What kind of student are you?
One that likes to go off on tangents [Laughs]

Do you party even on school nights, and how do you deal with the day ahead of you?
 If the occasion calls for it.. like if it was my birthday! otherwise I'm not so interested, I hate feeling like I have wasted a day.

Do you think your course is difficult? What makes it so?
 No, I just think juggling the time management aspect is. My schedule is very ad-hoc so planning things in the future, even for tomorrow, can be a waste of time. 

Ideal Girl

Single or not?

Have you been in relationship before? What happened?
 Yes but modelling got in the way. Long distance relationships are very hard and I am yet to find a way to make them work. 

What are your preferences in the opposite sex?
 A girl that can hold intelligent conversation, without being too serious. It can be a delicate balance, but it is one worth looking for. 

What are the biggest projects in both modeling and acting that you ever had? 
 TVC's are normally the biggest. Currently in the Philippines I think my TV Commercial with Anne Curtis has had the biggest circulation (
Dream Projects:
To work on a massive location shoot as part of a Hollywood production. 
Have you received any indecent proposal? 
Luckily as a guy, I dont get it as bad as a lot of the female models. Many people make tongue in cheek jokes but when those jokes turn serious that is when I can get offended. 

How'd you start modeling? 
In the philippines I was discovered by Elite Manila. I had work here and stopped by to try out the market. I fell in love and have been in the Philippines ever since. 

Brands/designer you've worked with:
Cartier, LG, Palmolive, Hugo Boss, Hyundai, Rustans  

Found love in modeling? 
No however I applaud those that do, relationships in international modelling are 'certainly not' easy to maintain

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